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State & Local

Definitive ISS provides high quality ADP/IT equipment preventive and remedial maintenance support service for United States civilian agencies of any size. Support service includes equipment relocations, installations, de-installations, and upgrades. Technical support includes a very diverse range of more than 7,800 multi-vendor items of ADP/IT equipment ranging from personal computers to minicomputers and a wide variety of printers, scanners and other peripheral equipment.


Civilian contracts include variable time, material and depot repair within a fixed timeframe with rapid response capabilities for emergencies. Definitive performs all equipment remedial and preventive maintenance and repair actions consistent with original equipment manufacturer specifications.


Definitive has a valuable logistics network in place to facilitate the needs of the State Agency. We have current accounts with more than 300 vendors, and we maintain current information on all vendors in our inventory tracking system to assist our buyers in obtaining the best prices and terms available for parts. In addition, Definitive maintains a cross reference of parts by manufacturer and characteristics. The Definitive database for parts and materials may be accessed to retrieve information for the user in the following manner:

  • Part Number
  • Part description (CPU, power supply, PCB, etc.)
  • Physical location
  • Prescribed level of a certain part number
  • Last cost of a part or histories of costs for a certain part number
  • Sources for parts previously purchased


Definitive has successfully maintained IT support for:

  •  State of Utah

Definitive worked directly to maintain Utah’s state government IT infrastructure. In addition, when new equipment was introduced, Definitive was responsible for assisting the State with comprehensive employee training. To accomplish this, a senior technician was dispatched to ensure the highest quality training by demonstrating operating techniques and working hands on tasks with employees. The technicians also provided the trainees with support documentation and other training aids which can be used to assist the trainee after the technician has left the site. We offer training to the State as an added-value.


Other services Definitive provided the State of Utah:

  • IT Service Maintenance
  • Large volume of diversified, multi-vendor ADP/IT equipment types and models
  • Same or similar equipment types and models
  • Widespread locations (statewide)
  • On-site maintenance
  • IMACs